Accounting Memo: How to Write a Memo for Accounting zum ausdrucken

memorandum accounting definition

Upon receipt of the credit memo, the retailer would debit its accounts payable account to wipe out its liability to the vendor. This way the seller clears its receivable and the buyer clears its payable. In banking, fees are automatically taken out of an account and the debit memorandum is noted on its bank statement.

It must be noted that the memorandum serves two main purposes, as far as companies are concerned. Firstly, they serve the purpose of ensuring that companies have internal records kept and maintained. In the same manner, it can be seen that it also serves the purpose of acting as a communicative tool between the organization, and third-party. From the perspective of internal control, memorandums tend to be extremely resourceful because they act as reminders of issues that need to be fixed because of the closing of the month-end (or year-end).


As it involves no postings to the general ledger (GL), the use of a memorandum entry results in no alternation to the accounts subject-matter of such recording. Memorandum accounts are are not part of the normal accounts of an entity. The seller records the credit memo as a reduction of its accounts receivable balance, while the buyer records it as a reduction in its accounts payable balance. Larger credit memos are usually only issued after they have been approved by a supervisor, since these credits reduce the amount of cash that the seller will collect. A vendor or business issues a debit memorandum to a customer to correct an error in an original invoice or to adjust the amount owed for a transaction.

We propose establishing a timeline for each action item, with regular check-ins to track progress and make necessary adjustments. Be sure to emphasize the importance of implementing these recommendations to improve financial performance and achieve the desired outcomes. Additionally, highlight any specific deadlines or milestones to meet during the implementation process. Additionally, including data and visuals adds credibility to your analysis and strengthens your arguments. When using visuals, choose the most relevant and impactful information to have.

How Does a Debit Memo Work?

This may involve obtaining income statements, balance sheets, budget reports, and other financial records or analyses required to substantiate your points. The accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information you gather will significantly contribute to the effectiveness of your memo. Another example is an accounted created to track credit memo costs arising from events that were not reasonably foreseen in an entity’s last reporting period or periods. By tracking these costs in a memorandum account, an entity can plan and attempt to recover these costs at a later date. The memo is a basic document in accounting that does not need to be published in the financial statement.

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